We saw someone attempting to blow up a neighbourhood restaurant today. We had just walked past a tchotchke shop in the last block of Gastown which was selling a mug that said, “I went to Eastvan and all I got was mugged.”

As we pushed on I noticed quite a bit of commotion at the other end of the street. The police were there so we moved closer to find out what was going on. Heavy duty equipment surrounded the block and huge lights warmed the otherwise cold outside. My daughter asked what was going on and I told her they were making a movie or TV show. I asked someone what they were filming and he said it was a TV pilot called “Heavenly”. Someone else chimed in, “They’re going to blow up that building today!” He seemed devilishly excited.

“I’m assuming you’re using CGI?”

I noticed a sign on the door of the restaurant. It read, “Dear Incendio patrons. We are sorry to inform you that the restaurant will be closed March 21-23. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you soon.”

“Nope!” the overexcited crew member responded. “We’re blowing out the windows.”

“Well, you picked an aptly named restaurant, at least. I’ll keep my eyes open for the pilot.”

It would be fun to watch the show if only to recognize the scenes. I have to say that I don’t have high hopes for the show. Here’s what I found online about it: “Heavenly centers on Lily (Cohan), a dedicated young attorney, and a former angel, Dashiel Coffee (Ben Aldridge), only recently turned human, who tackle cases at the attorney’s legal aid clinic — she saves clients’ butts while he saves their souls.”

Who knows, perhaps it will compare to “Wings of Desire”, but it sounds destined for Saturday nights if it makes it at all.



About azlewis

I'm an academic living in the poorest neighbourhood in Canada. I also teach at a local seminary.
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