Harm Reduction Leads to Demolition

On my way to pick up my daughter from her first day of preschool I saw a woman walking with the newspaper. The headline of this article jumped out at me since I presumed the second oldest house in the city would be near mine. In fact, it is less than 200 yards from our house. I read the article at the library and found that it is next door to the proposed site of a new home for at risk women. We live across the street from another home for at risk women, which happens also to house several active sex-trade workers. It is some people’s fear that this new home will run the same risk as the older one, just with younger women.

The article describes the residents of the new home as young women between 18 and 24 who currently live in the Downtown Eastside, some or all of which are being sexually exploited. The article does not explain how housing these women two blocks from an active sex market with pimps in view of these vulnerable women will act as a successful transition home.

All this, I had heard. What I did not know, but what the article explains, is that the original use of the building being renovated to house sexually exploited women was probably a brothel. It was built in 1911 by Dollie Darlington, who must have been a well-known madam.

Here is a picture of the second oldest house on the left and the renovated building, which used to be a brothel but will soon be a home for sexually exploited women, on the right.


About azlewis

I'm an academic living in the poorest neighbourhood in Canada. I also teach at a local seminary.
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One Response to Harm Reduction Leads to Demolition

  1. azlewis says:

    Somehow the picture did not come in. However, I just realized that the banner photo at the top of the page shows the new home for at risk women undergoing renovation. It is behind a barrier on the right.

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