Last Day of Tent City

The tents have been slowly disappearing as the end has been drawing near. It’s probably an inevitable end, in any case, as the weather has started to get worse. The air is colder and the rains have been more frequent. The tents are by and large ill-equipped for wet and cold weather and I suspect few of the sleeping bags are warm enough for the cold and wet autumns we have here.

After a court injunction, however, there will be no choice for those that may want to stay. The tents and their occupants are to be removed by the end of the day and the police are there to help with the eviction. We pray that things go smoothly and without incident, even if it is against the will of those most affected.

Unfortunately, there has been an incident already, though it’s not clear when it happened. Someone was found dead in a tent this morning. This report (which has some good pictures of the tent city in it as well) suggests that the death may have resulted from a batch of bad heroin and that sounds the most plausible explanation to me. Sad as this may be, what may be sadder is that this death will likely obscure the fact that people die of overdoses in all sorts of conditions, not just tents.


About azlewis

I'm an academic living in the poorest neighbourhood in Canada. I also teach at a local seminary.
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