Portfolio of Articles, Essays, and Books


There is just one so far, but I have a few others in the pipe.

Read Him Again and Again: Repetitions of Job in Kierkegaard, Vischer, and Barth (Pickwick, 2014)

Approaching Job. Cascade Companions (Cascade, forthcoming)


Culture Voice

The following articles are the least dated pieces I wrote between 2007 and 2009 for a now defunct webzine called Culture Voice. Most of the articles published on the site were written pseudonymously and were mainly think pieces, personal essays, and other types of creative nonfiction. I have not included my nom de plume in order to protect his privacy.

On Shakespeare and Uncle Ben (2007)

Manute Bol, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Economy of Dignity (2009)

Me talk witty one day (2008)

Second Hand Underpants (2008)

The Double Greatest Generation (2008)

A Book for the Anals: A Reviewish Substance on on bullshit (2008)

The People to which Old Things are New (2009)


Academic Articles and Essays

[Under Construction]



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